Pilgrimages with St Albans Diocese

Welcome! We have five pilgrimages available for booking now. Please see the relevant details:

Holy Land May 2019

Santiago de Compostela September 2019

2020 Oberammergau programme – a choice of three tours


Oberammergau update December 2020.

Bookings are progressing well and we are beginning to reach the limit of available single rooms. This is paticularly the case for the September 2020 tour based at the Wolfgangsee.  Please contact the administrator in advance if you wish to book a single room or rooms. 


Since the year 2000 we have arranged many overseas pilgrimages to locations such as the Holy land, The Seven Churches of Asia in Turkey, Greece, Cappadocia, Jordan & Sinai and Santiago de Compostela, working closely with our chosen travel agent, McCabe Pilgrimages.

From the earliest days of the Christian Faith, pilgrimage has offered both the opportunity to travel to the sacred sites, and also to engage with the Christians there. The Holy Land is understandable the first choice for many who wish to travel in this way, but there are many other countries and locations where a faith-journey can be a positive and frequently life-changing experience.

Please use this site to discover the pilgrimage journeys we are planning for 2019 and 2020, and also to read more about what we have done and our basis for doing it.

A particular feature of the pilgrimages we run is that they are very well-suited to people travelling on their own, as well as for couples and families. The cost of the pilgrimages is shown in its entirety. We have worked with our travel agent McCabe Pilgrimages for many years and have absolutely confidence in their capability and professionalism.  The pilgrimages are open to all and are fully ecumenical.


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